November 2022 extension and revision

Classifications and country details have now been added for the following countries: Czechoslovakia, 1974-92; Cuba; Korea, Democratic People’s Republic (north); Yemen Arab Republic (north), 1974-89; Yemen, People’s Democratic Republic (south), 1974-89; USSR 1974-91; and Yugoslavia 1974-91. That makes a total of 186 countries/currency areas, which include all separate and independent countries with populations over 250,000 from 1974 to 2017 (plus the East Caribbean Currency Union which meets the population criterion in aggregate).

With the inclusion of the USSR it makes sense to bring together the previous Other Europe and Caucasus & Central Asia groups in a single group called Other Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, or OECCA, which also now includes the USSR and Yugoslavia up to 1991.

The advanced plus emerging economies, the group first classified, has been separated into two groups, advanced and emerging. Most of the emerging economies, but not the advanced ones, figure in one of the regional groupings as well, while a few North African countries appear in both the MENA and the African regional groupings.

A small number of minor revisions have also been made. The previous versions of the country details and classifications for the various groups can be found on the Archive page.

The Countries page now contains links to the sets of details for each grouping, plus links to the details for each country in alphabetical order.

Thanks again to Bram Boskamp for redoing the visualisations, which now include a differentiation between low, lower middle, upper middle and high income groups (as defined by the World Bank for 2005) as well as the regional and other groupings used so far, and to Alex Cobham for solving a website problem. Responsibility rests with David Cobham, who will update the classification in due course.

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