June 2022 Monetary Policy Frameworks goes global with the Caribbean, Other Europe and the Caucasus and Central Asia

This Comprehensive Monetary Policy Frameworks (CMPF) classification now includes, in addition to the regions and groups previously covered, the Caribbean, Other Europe (essentially Albania plus countries that came out of Yugoslavia or the USSR), the Caucasus and Central Asia (other countries that came out of the USSR) and Macao (now included in Asia Emerging and Developing) which had been mistakenly omitted.

In total, that means that 179 countries (and/or currency areas) are now included in the classification, for the 44 years from 1974 (or later when a country has not existed for the full period) to 2017. To be updated in due course!

It also means that the classification now covers the whole world as of 2017, with the exception of countries whose population is less than 250,000 (most of which fix their exchange rates in one way or another), and two non-members of the IMF for which it is hard to find the information required: Cuba and North Korea. It is also does not yet cover the USSR 1974-91 or Yugoslavia 1974-91. To be completed in due course!

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