Israel progressed from a very poorly functioning framework (and hyperinflation) in the 1980s by way of a crawling exchange rate to inflation targeting (with formal central bank independence coming particularly late in the process).


Years Targets and attainment Classification
1974-85 unsuccessful attempts to stabilise currency (versus USD then basket then USD), then from 1977 float with recurring depreciations; high monetary growth and no formal targets, widespread indexation, recurring fiscal dominance, ending in hyperinflation in 1984-5 unstructured discretion UD
1986-91 serious stabilisation efforts from July 1985 (including currency reform and ‘no printing’ law) but continuing devaluations versus basket of major currencies loosely structured discretion LSD
1992-94 preannounced exchange rate crawl intended to be consistent with informal inflation target; monetary operations increasingly focused on discount rate exchange rate with inflation targeting ERwIT
1995-96 exchange rate bands widened, informal inflation targets met inflation with exchange rate targeting IwERT
1997-2003 exchange rate bands widening continuously, declining narrow formal inflation targets undershot 3 years and overshot 1 year out of 7 loose converging inflation targeting LCIT
2004-17 static inflation targets met 9 years and nearly met 3 years out of 14, long-term inflation expectations remain anchored, short-term less so; exchange rate bands, already so wide they were not relevant, scrapped 2005; some changes to inflation targeting procedures; significant forex purchases to limit appreciation especially 2008-11; central bank finally made independent from 2010 after long delays full inflation targeting FIT

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