Bahrain had used a currency board since 1965, but moved first to fixing the exchange rate with a long process of financial liberalisation and increasingly active monetary policy, and finally to full-fledged exchange rate targeting from the mid-1990s.

Years Targets and attainment Classification
1974 currency board (on USD) formally replaced in December 1973 by new Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA) focused on supervising growing, largely independent (foreign-owned), banking system and regulating credit; but not much change in 1974, little real monetary policy operated augmented currency board ACB
1975-94 1975-78 exchange rate fixed against USD, 1979-80 fixed against SDR with wide margins in principle vs SDR but narrow margins in practice vs USD, and central rate vs USD adjusted in small (<1%) amounts from time to time; from 1981 rate vs USD unchanged, even when dinar goes outside its wide margins vs SDR; use of interest rate recommendations, reserve requirements, forex swaps (to stabilise domestic interest rates); monetary expansion dominated by fiscal deficit and balance of payments; growth of interbank money and government bond markets from 1970s; from late 1980s interest rate liberalisation, completed by August 1994 augmented exchange rate fix AERF
1995-2017 exchange rate still formally pegged to SDR but de facto peg to USD is now well-established, and monetary policy “directed primarily at regulating domestic liquidity to ensure the stability of the exchange rate under an open exchange and payments system, and with market-determined interest rates” (RED 1996); peg to USD de jure as well as de facto from December 2001 in context of planned (later postponed) move towards GCC monetary union; BMA becomes Central Bank of Bahrain 2006; monetary growth affected by fiscal balance, which is relatively under control; increased supervision of banks after GFC plus adoption of macroprudential policies full exchange rate targeting FERT

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