Austria fixed its exchange rate to the DM from the mid-1970s and more tightly from the 1980s, although it entered the EU and the EMS only in 1995, and then EMU in 1999.

Years Targets and attainment Classification
1974-9 informal participation in Snake (with wider, 4.5%, margins) and then in EMS, with particularly close relation to DM from July 1976; exchange rate as ‘cornerstone’ of monetary policy, whose instruments included bank lending controls, refinancing, OMOs and increasingly interest rates loose exchange rate targeting LERT
1980-98 informal association till 1994 with EMS, with constant very-narrow-margin hard peg to DM; from 1995 formal member of EMS, continued very-narrow-margin hard peg to DM; monetary policy subordinate to exchange rate policy but operated via indirect instruments, primarily interest rates full exchange rate targeting FERT
1999-2017 membership of European Monetary Union currency union CU

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