The aim of this exercise has always been to provide a resource for all researchers (not just the author of the classification). The website is therefore keen to provide links to published and unpublished papers that make use of the classification. Please send any links and references to for inclusion on this page.

Papers known so far are:

David Cobham, ‘A comprehensive classification of monetary policy frameworks in advanced and emerging economies’, Oxford Economic Papers, January 2021, 73(1): 2-26 (‘Editor’s choice’) [original discussion paper February 2018, MPRA paper no. 84737]

Martin Baumgärtner and Johannes Zahner, ‘Whatever it takes to understand a central banker – embedding their words using neural networks’, MAGKS Discussion paper 30-2021, University of Marburg,    

Lamia Bazzaoui & Jun Nagayasu, ‘Is Inflation Fiscally Determined?’, Sustainability, October 2021, 13(20): 1-26,

David Cobham and Mengdi Song, ‘How do countries choose their monetary policy frameworks?’, Journal of Policy Modeling, November-December 2020, 42(6): 1187-1207,

David Cobham and Mengdi Song, ‘Transitions between monetary policy frameworks and their effects on economic performance’, Economic Modelling, February 2021, 95: 311-29,

David Cobham, ‘Monetary policy frameworks in the Middle East and North Africa: how do they compare with other groupings?’, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 69(1): 108-130,

David Cobham, Peter Macmillan, Connor Mason and Mengdi Song, ‘Economic performance under different monetary policy frameworks’, Journal of Policy Modeling, March-April 2022, 44(2): 431-49, [original discussion paper April 2021, MPRA paper no. 106985]