Yemen, People’s Democratic Republic of

Yemen, People’s Democratic Republic of, (South Yemen) fixed its exchange rate to the USD in the context o development planning and widespread controls, with fiscal discipline plus foreign aid and remittances enabling the rate to be  maintained throughout, though with growing difficulty.

Years Targets and attainment Classification
1974-1989 currency fixed to USD with spreads around 2%, but no autonomous forex market; central bank set up 1972 in place of Currency Authority with development role and powers (unused)  to set interest rate ceilings, one state-owned commercial bank (after 1969-70 nationalisations and consolidation), both under single Banking Board, credit mostly directed; development planning rather than central planning, intensive price, import and exchange controls; current account deficits covered largely by large foreign aid and remittances; fiscal policies involve some discipline (high tax revenues, wage restraint) but also development efforts, with varying domestic budget deficits feeding into monetary expansion; 1982 severe flooding, 1983-5 drought; from mid-1980s worsening fiscal and monetary control, poor or negative growth; 1986 short but damaging civil war, followed by new more pragmatic leadership; authorities resist IMF pressure for devaluation; rise in excess liquidity; direct import controls tightened; oil discovered 1987 in area on border with Yemen Arab Republic, joint exploration company set up, some output from 1988; late 1989 draft unity constitution accepted, May 1990 unification of Yemen Arab Republic and People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen in Republic of Yemen; early 1990 ‘approved’ market for YAR rial and other currencies, used for imports from YAR as well as travellers’ exchanges, on which PDRY dinar depreciates; statistical database remains poor augmented exchange rate fix AERF

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